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My piece for the Supersonic Electronic Invitational!

It’ll be at Spoke Art, you can chech them out here

And you can check out the website for the show here

As well as the facebook here


Oh 2013 You Raggedy Bastard

It’s been a long year. The busiest of my career so far. It’s been my first full year out in Cali. And I converted to Beyonce. I don’t know if they’ll let me put that on my tax returns. Hope you all have a great New Years, and enjoy the list of things you pretend you’re going to turn around this year!

Speaking of which. Sorry to all the people that have sent me interviews and questions over the year. I used to answer them all, but it’s gotten to the point where I really can’t. So I’m going to start answering questions publicly this year since a lot of people ask the same questions, and hopefully word will get out to people I can’t always reply to.

In the meantime though, I did an INTERVIEW with Supersonic Electronic a while back but never posted it here. It was fun, I liked answering some questions that aren’t so dry. By all means ask me stupid questions I will try to answer them!

Happy New Years!


The 3rd Annual Supersonic Electronic Invitational is invading San Fransisco on January 9th! I’ve got some recent work and one brand new piece just for the show. Make your way out if you can, everyone showing will be killing it!




The day has come…

To order your copy of Dragonball Zine!

We had such a tough time picking the final pieces of art, the amount of talent was overwhelming. We had almost 200 people submit to the zine, and we’re still getting submissions…

We’re really proud of the collection we’ve got, the zine looks amazing!

Here is the official list of artists who made it into the print edition:

Adrian Bloch 
Alexandre Diboine 
Andrew Schick 
Babs Tarr 
Ben Sears 
Corey Lewis 
David Alegre 
Disa Wallander 
Dudu Magalhãess 
Emily Partridge 
Jacob Canepa 
Jake Wyatt 
Jasmine Monterroso 
Jenn Woodall 
Joanna Krótka 
Joe Wierenga 
Kat Bride 
Katie So 
Leslie Hung 
Luis NCT 
Maxence Henry 
Mike Jones 
Natalie Hall 
Olivier Menanteau 
Randy Godawa 
Ricardo Bessa 
Richie Pope 
Sachin Teng 
Sean Dockery 
Stefan Tosheff 
Wren McDonald

Again, a big thank you to everyone who submitted!

We are currently taking orders, so go get yourself a copy! Here!


That Dragonball Zine I submitted to is available for those who haven’t bought it already. Check it out if you haven’t already!


'Audio File Not Compatible' For Gallery Nucleus

My second piece for Gallery Nucleus’ Big Bang Theory Tribute Show: Physics of Friendship. Hit up the website for more here

Raj has selective mutism and is unable to speak in front of woman without alcohol in his system. And while it’s not canon I’m pretty sure he can’t wear less than four layers clothing ever.


'Soapy Water And A Couple Of Sponges' For Gallery Nucleus

Gallery Nucleus is having a Big Bang Theory Tribute called, ‘The Physics of Friendship.’ It opens tonight at their gallery in Alhambra. So if you’re a fan check it out! More info here

In the ‘Rothman Disintegration’ Amy has a massive painting of herself and Penny made which is supposed to be awful. And right at the end of the episode she tells her ‘we were originally painted nude’ and that if she was interested all it would take is ‘soapy water and a couple of sponges.’

I thought it’d be funny to show the ‘original’ but give it censor pixels. The Pixels that bleed onto the frame were actually sculpted. Hope you like it!


You guys are too sweet~ Here’s a little bonus sketch I painted. For all the lovin’ you gave Kurma. And big up to the Tumblr crew for the radar spotlight!


'Kurma' for Dragonball Zine

The humble beginnings of the Turtle School. My memories of DBZ are sat in front of an analog TV I had to hit the side of every 5 minutes as Toonami played between creepy crawlers, mighty max and hot wheels commercials and Daft Punk music videos. And sometimes VHS tapes with the boxes that had art on the side, which would make a whole image if you got them all together. So you can imagine humble beginnings felt very appropriate.

Check out the other submissions!



For those who haven’t picked up a copy of the current Hi-Fructose, I’ve got a small feature!

Thanks to Attaboy for throwing me in the magazine and to Paul Koudounaris for doing the interview and writing the article!


'Addicted To Apps' for The New York Times

For a piece about our addiction to technology, and how we’ve become detached from real life sometimes. Real talk though if there was a smores app I’d download it in a minute.

You can check out the article here

Shout outs to AD Erich Nagler and Aviva Michealov